Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

Gosh, it's been forever since I posted anything on here! I have been super busy getting thing ready for my shows. I don't have any more booked for the rest of the fall. I was trying to get into one, but I think there are a lot of politics involved in some of these shows. Since I am relatively new to doing "prim" shows, I can't seem to get into a couple of them. That's okay for right now though, since the 2 big ones that I had were so good that I don't have the inventory for another one now! I have also put some things in a shop in Hannibal, MO. They had a fall festival this past weekend & I did really well with the things I put in there last Wednesday. I think I will do well there. If there is anyone that is in that area or passing through, stop by & see Carrie & the girls at Puddin Heads. She has an awesome shop that her mom started 22 years ago. There are collectibles, antiques & handmade crafts. I am also in the process of getting some things in another shop close to home, so I have to get busy making more things!

          I did a show in Kinmundy 2 weeks ago & did really well. It was alot of fun too. I hired a girl to help me & she did great. I was glad she was available. Hoping she can help out some more in the future! We had a couple come to the booth just as I had made a ham sandwich for myself. I was standing there eating & the man asked where I got the sandwich from. I told him I had made it. I never thought anymore about it as his wife as browsing. She then stood in front of me as if to ask a question, but said nothing. I asked her if she needed some help & her answer was, "well, are you going to fix my husband a sandwich"? I could hardly keep from laughing! I just told her I didn't sell sandwiches, but pointed her in the direction of the food vendors! This was an awesome place for a show, except that it was in the woods. That makes for a great venue, except that you cannot tear down early & with 2- 10x10 tents full of stuff, it takes a little while to tear down & get it done before it gets dark! Well I decided to have my friend go to the truck with me so that it would be quicker for her to help guide me to hook up the trailer. I was in period dress, so I wanted to change clothes to pack up anyway. I knew I could change in the back of the horse trailer, after getting it hooked up. We hooked up & Erin got in the truck to text her husband, while I changed my clothes. After I got in the trailer, I pulled the loading door shut.......it latched!! OMG! I was locked in the back of a horse trailer! I went ahead & changed, all the while trying to figure out how I was going to get out. I started by jumping up & down. I thought for sure that Erin would wonder why the truck was bouncing. No she said she just thought I was having a hard time getting out of my dress! I then tried to throw one of my shows from outside the side window. It hit back quarter panel of the truck, but she still didn't pay any attention. So, I threw the other shoe. Still nothing! I had nothing else small in the trailer that I could throw! Now there were 3 older people setting on a bale of straw about 50 yards away. I didn't want them to think I was nuts by hollering at them for help. There was also a woman not too far from them closing a gate. I thought well maybe I can get her attention. I hollered "excuse me" to her & she came toward me. Here I am hanging out of this horse trailer window, asking her to please ask the lady in the cab of my truck to come to the back of the trailer & let me out! She looked at me with this "what the heck" look on her face & went & knocked on the truck window. I heard her say to Erin, "There’s a lady in the trailer that wants you to let her out"! I TOTALY lost it at that point! The people that were on the hay bales were now on their way over. I was laughing so hard when Erin opened the door I thought I was going to pee my pants. Everyone was laughing by that time! The people on the bales had seen everything, the bouncing truck, me throwing shoes out the window at the truck, but didn't realize what was going on! They probably didn't want to get involved!!! Well that's just an example of 2 instances of the life & times of going to a show with Barefoot Horse! I LOVE doing "prim" shows!!!
          Well at least I got some of this onto my blog. Now I have to get busy making more "hand-dids" for my website & for the shops. Hope to start posting more in the future! Hope everyone is enjoying the great fall weather we are having~~~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Long Till Spring?

I thought I would be able to get out today. I just looked out & it's snowing again! Not heavy, but there is ice on my lane & now I have snow on top of it! I probably won't be able to get any traction. I have 2 packages to get in the mail, but I don't guess that it's going to get done today! One package is for Easter & the other is for everyday so I guess another day won't matter! I am so tiered of this winter. I think everyone is, though.
                  I have soooo much to do, I really don't know where to start. I have started working on things for my Fall shows. That means I have all kinds of Halloween stuff waiting for either stuffing or painting! Check out my website in the next couple of days for new items. Hope you are all staying warm! Spring is on it's way!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well just like most of the Midwest...we are frozen in! Even my computer (which is 9 years old) keeps freezing up! LOL. I don't guess that's from the cold weather though! I've been really busy trying to get things made up for Valentines Day & Easter. Then getting orders out & making up some special orders. Now I'm almost done! I have Fall & Halloween things cut out & some stuffed. I am planning on 6 to 8 craft shows this year, starting in August, so I better get going now to have enough inventory! I think I need some little elves to hang around after Christmas to help!
I am donating a Spring collection on Kristie Normans Blog. If you go to her blog, you can sign up for her newsletter, follow her blog & enter to win this giveaway!
                                    Here's the link: http://www.countrycraftconnection.com/

Large stuffed primitive egg, 2 chenille bunnies, & 7 rag wrapped primitive eggs.

That's about all for now, since I have to get bust sewing, stuffing & staining! Be sure to go to my website & sign up for my monthly newsletter. www.barefoothorsecandlesngifts.com
                                   Hope you are all staying warm!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can not believe that we are ready to start October!! I have been so busy that I haven't even had the time to post anything. I even have a hard time getting things listed on the website. I've been doing some craft shows, so I've just been crazy trying to get things made up for them. I did get pics taken thinking that I would get them listed on the site. I've already most if the things that were going there! Now I need to get busy again to get more made. I have some really awesome pattern designers, so that really makes my part alot easier. I am also in the process of opening another etsy shop just for my prims. But...I haven't gotten that done either. It just takes so much time to get things ready to list. I also don't type quick, so that even takes me longer. Well, we had an awesome time at the "Harvest Gathering" in Bradford, TN. on Sept. 24th & 25th. Great people down there & I just love Tennessee. We did really well too. I don't know what I would have done if Richard would not have been there to help me. He was restocking the tables after sales, so we didn't have empty spaces. I think he's almost decided to not retire! He said it was alot of work! But, it was well worth it. Here are a couple of pics. I hope to post more often in the future as soon as things slow down abit! These pictures are not real good, but I didn't have alot of time & didn't get a chance to take more!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot & Humid

I guess most of us are hearing the same thing about the weather! Even all the animals that are usually in the yard, are in hiding someplace cool! The little squirrel still comes around to eat & then he's off again. I've been so busy trying to get some new things done for Fall & Christmas. I have been concentrating more on Halloween that anything else though. I love making witches & pumpkins! I need to get to switching gears though & start on some Santa's & snowmen. I have alot of new patterns for prim Santa's this year. Sometime I just don't know where to start. Some days I have to turn the TV off & put the Cd's on to get in the mood to get anything done. Don't forget to check out my new things on my website. Lots of new things to come too! Try & stay cool for the next week or so. I'll try to you get updates on my progress in the next week. Oh..a new venture on APJ. We are forming chapters in each state. This should be gobs of fun. I am the director of the St. Louis area, so if you're in the area, St. Louis or ILL, go to http://aprimitivejourney.proboards.com. We meet once a month & will do crafting, lunches, antiquing, prim shopping, etc. You will meet lots of new people & have a blast! Our first get together is Aug. 21st & we are going to meet at The Festival Of The Little Hills in downtown St. Charles. Time & exact place TBA. We will be rotating where we meet, so each gal in my group will be planning the outings at some point. If you want more info, e-mail me at barefoothorse1@yahoo.com. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Prim Hugz,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is It July Already?

OMG...I just can't believe it's already July. I also can't believe it's been so long since I've posted info! I've been super busy lately. It's way to hot to be outside, that's for sure! I've been sewing everything that doesn't move! I have sure gotton alot done though. I'm getting ready for a "Prim " craft show in Sept, so I'm trying to get as much Fall, Halloween & Christmas done before I go. I'm also having a "Christmas In July Sale" on my website. I have all snowmen 10% off until the 31st of July. So if you're in need of snowmen for this holiday season, better head on over to my website. Once they are gone, I probably won't have any more right away. APJ Community is also forming chapters in all U. S. states & I think some in Canada & other countries! This is going to be chapters that will get together once a month & go shopping for prims, antiques, do crafting, have lunches, etc. This is going to be a great time for anyone wanting to join a networking group! I am going to be the director of the St. Louis Chapter, so if you live in the St. Louis area & want more information, please contact me. I know we're all going to have a great time!
         I've been taking lots of pics this summer of the animals that have found their way into our yard. They are so much fun to watch. Baby squirrels, baby rabbits, all kinds of songbirds, turkeys, raccoons...yuck! Her are some pics. I will try & post more often in the future!

Female Cardinal

This little guy is just plain tuckered out!

I guess he's wondering why there isn't any food in the lid!

I think this dove is watching the squirrel!

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful & saft summer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WOW is ever hot here in the Midwest today! The pool is looking better & better! Maybe in a little while! I always find other things that I need to be doing instead of relaxing. You know the old saying "so much to do & so little time!" That's me. Well I wanted to post a couple of pics from our Rendezvous this past weekend. It was pretty warm out, but there was a breeze every now & then. There weren't as many vendors this year & there didn't seem to be as many people attending either. I was actually disappointed in it. I didn't find a thing to buy! That's just way weird for me. Seems I can always find something! Well here's a couple of pics. Then I'm off to the pool!

These rabbits are stuffed! I've never seen that pose for rabbits before!

This fur trader had the part down to a T! I didn't want to get too close as hot as it was that day! He couldn't have smelled too good!
I think someone forgot to bring an apple! Oh well the potato will be OK.

As I said...there was a slight breeze...wishing for just a little stronger one though! Who could not stop & look though! I did have my zoom on my camera, so I wasn't really all that close.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm heading for the pool!