Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well just like most of the Midwest...we are frozen in! Even my computer (which is 9 years old) keeps freezing up! LOL. I don't guess that's from the cold weather though! I've been really busy trying to get things made up for Valentines Day & Easter. Then getting orders out & making up some special orders. Now I'm almost done! I have Fall & Halloween things cut out & some stuffed. I am planning on 6 to 8 craft shows this year, starting in August, so I better get going now to have enough inventory! I think I need some little elves to hang around after Christmas to help!
I am donating a Spring collection on Kristie Normans Blog. If you go to her blog, you can sign up for her newsletter, follow her blog & enter to win this giveaway!
                                    Here's the link:

Large stuffed primitive egg, 2 chenille bunnies, & 7 rag wrapped primitive eggs.

That's about all for now, since I have to get bust sewing, stuffing & staining! Be sure to go to my website & sign up for my monthly newsletter.
                                   Hope you are all staying warm!

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