Saturday, June 12, 2010

WOW is ever hot here in the Midwest today! The pool is looking better & better! Maybe in a little while! I always find other things that I need to be doing instead of relaxing. You know the old saying "so much to do & so little time!" That's me. Well I wanted to post a couple of pics from our Rendezvous this past weekend. It was pretty warm out, but there was a breeze every now & then. There weren't as many vendors this year & there didn't seem to be as many people attending either. I was actually disappointed in it. I didn't find a thing to buy! That's just way weird for me. Seems I can always find something! Well here's a couple of pics. Then I'm off to the pool!

These rabbits are stuffed! I've never seen that pose for rabbits before!

This fur trader had the part down to a T! I didn't want to get too close as hot as it was that day! He couldn't have smelled too good!
I think someone forgot to bring an apple! Oh well the potato will be OK.

As I said...there was a slight breeze...wishing for just a little stronger one though! Who could not stop & look though! I did have my zoom on my camera, so I wasn't really all that close.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm heading for the pool!

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